Posillico Materials Recycling Services

Asphalt Disposal

• Before any paving job begins, the disposal of the original asphalt must be considered.

Posillico Materials does not typically dispose of any asphalt, it is recycled.

• The NYSDEC considers “uncontaminated solid waste” resulting from land clearing and from the construction, remodeling, repair or demolition of utilities, structures and roads as Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D). Asphalt falls into this category.

Posillico Materials has a NYSDEC Part 360 Permit to receive waste asphalt, that is then processed and recycled as outlined below.

Posillico Materials Services Asphalt Pavement Disposal
Posillico Materials Services Recycled Asphalt Uses Crusher Excavator

Recycled Asphalt Uses

• Waste asphalt is delivered to the asphalt plant in two categories, broken asphalt and millings.

• This is also referred to as reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) or recycled asphalt products.

• Broken asphalt is stockpiled, crushed and reused in the asphalt production. Typically new asphalt is comprised of 20% used asphalt or RAP.

• Millings can be reused in the asphalt production typically without crushing.

• Millings can also be reused to create a sub-base layer for new roads, temporary construction roads, or temporary site cover / caps.

Other Recycling Services

For the recycling of other materials such as concrete and stone in Nassau and Suffolk County in New York, visit one of our affiliates HERE. There are also facilities that specialize in the disposal of clean fill. One such facility, located in New Jersey, can be found HERE.

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